Scoops Ice Cream

Our Story

Scoops Ice Cream continues to be a local favorite for generation after generation to enjoy delicious affordable sweet treats. We believe that Ice Cream is the perfect sweet treat for families and friends to make lasting memories together that they can cherish for a lifetime.

After all, one of our fondest memories of being with family in the summertime prior to operating the business is visiting Scoops jumping off the boat at Kershaw and walking through the shallow waters to get to Scoops soaking wet together. Nothing hits the spot like Ice Cream.

That is what continues to drive us to source the best products and use our creative juices to create fun spirited menu items and atmosphere for our customers. After all who doesn’t want to eat Ice Cream while sitting in an Ice Cream chair!

Our mission at Scoops is to provide customers with the ultimate Ice Cream experience. We pride ourselves in providing quality products, generous portions and affordable pricing while still maintaining excellent customer service that exceeds your expectations.

Thank you to our wonderful customers who support our local family owned business season after season. We love our customers and watching families grow up through the years brings us pure joy! Thank you to all the dedicated employees who have and continue to help create the ultimate Ice Cream experience. It is an honor in lots of cases to be your very first employer and create a fun but learning working environment.

After all these years we still think that you can never have enough Ice Cream and we can’t wait for you to visit one of our locations and or have our Truck present at one of your special events so we can serve you up some of the most delicious sweet treats and of course with a smile and cherry on top!

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